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> {wuq} mu' 'otHa'pu' tkd; 'ej wotvam jIyweS 'otHa'meH, jatlh tkd:
> wuq (v) decide, decide upon
> qaStaHvIS pa'logh, not "decide upon" jIyweS vIbuSchu'pu'. 'a qen
> jISIvchoHpu'; < ghorgh jIyweSvam wIlo'nIS ? >
> vaj DIvI' Hol "decide upon" vIgooglepu', 'ej Dajbogh De' vItu'pu':
> https://idioms.thefreedictionary.com/decide+on
> pa' qonlu'pu':
> "decide (up)on someone or something:
> to choose someone or something; to make a judgment about some aspect
> of someone or something. (Upon is formal and less commonly used than
> on.) Will you please hurry up and decide upon someone to vote for? I
> decided on chocolate".
> vaj chaq tlhIngan {wuq} lo'taHvIS vay', jatlhlaH:
> beb vItI'meH, tlhIngan tI'wI' vIwuqpu'.
> I decided on the klingon repairman in order to fix the roof

See here for a canon example of {wuq} "decide upon":

{juH­qo’­Daq vaS­’a’ tu’­lu’. ngoch lu­cher­meH ’ej wo’ San lu­wuq­meH pa’
ghom tlhI­ngan yej­quv Dev­wI’­pu’. DaH che’ ghaw­ran. yej­quv Dev­wI’ moj
ghaw­ran ’e’ wuq­ta’ cho’ ’oD­wI’ Da­pu’­bogh jan­luq pI­qarD HoD.}
"On the Homeworld, there is a great hall where the leaders of the Klingon
High Council meet to determine policy and decide upon the fate of the
Empire. Gowron currently presides, named leader of the High Council by
Captain Jean-Luc Picard, who was acting as Arbiter of Succession."

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