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Klingon word: lajQo'
Part of speech: verb
Definition: reject
Source: KGT

(KGT 101f.):  When taking a table's order, the {jabwI'} [food server] neither writes anything down nor enters data into a computer. It is considered the duty of the {jabwI'} to remember ({qaw}) the choices and to bring the correct food, and servers tend to be quite skilled at this. On the rare occasion when the {jabwI'} has remembered incorrectly ({qawHa'}), the patron may reject ({lajQo'}) the dish. If the patron rejects a dish that the server believes has been properly remembered, however, the misunderstanding could develop into minor combat. For most of the other diners in the restaurant, this is regarded as an exhilarating diversion.

laj 		 accept (v)

to'baj 'uS lughoDlu'bogh tIlaj 
Accept these stuffed tobbaj legs! PK

I'm honored to accept! (TNG "A Matter of Honor")

jIlajneS.  ghIj qet jaghmeyjaj. 
I accept. May your enemies run with fear." (TKW p.65; TNG "Sins of the Father")
 [This is the traditional acceptance upon being asked to serve as someone's {cha'DIch}.]

beq may' ta vIlajpu' 
I have accepted the crew's record of battle. KGT

ghopDu'wIjDaq yInmeyraj vIlaj 
I accept your lives into my hands. KGT

ghu' Dachupbogh vIlaj 
I will accept your proposal (PB)

SoHvaD quvwI' qem Hegh 'e' wIvDI' Hegh pop Hevchugh quvwI' 'e' DaqaSmoHchugh jIlaj 
The honorable will be rewarded after death chooses to bring them to you […] PB 

"I have accepted discommendation." [Worf, in TNG "Reunion"]

laj 		 acceptance (n)

parmaq choH pagh teHqu', choH tu'DI' lajDaj. 
Love is not love which alters when it alteration finds  (Sonnet 116)

Hev 		receive (v)
ma' 		accommodate (v)
ghIb 		consent (v)
HeQ 		comply (v)
Qochbe' 	agree (v)
chaw' 		permit (v)

tlhap 		take (v)
nge' 		take away (v)
yaH 		be taken away (v)

Ca'Non Master of the Klingons

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