[tlhIngan Hol] unable to use the upper case letter to specify by not specifying

mayqel qunen'oS mihkoun at gmail.com
Wed Aug 12 03:17:39 PDT 2020

Mark E. Shoulson:
> You can't demand to be able to use uppercase letters


While you were reading the initial post, where exactly did you read
the word "demand" ?. I don't "demand" anything. I didn't write
anywhere the word "demand".

I described something which irritates me; is there a rule on this list
that we *have* to like every aspect of the language ? Is there a rule,
that we are required to fall on our knees for the klingon language
almighty, and kahless forbids that we dare to say that there's
something we don't like ?

It would be pathetic if the official mailing list of the "warrior's
tongue", demanded it's members to bend knee, blindly swallow
*everything* which concerns the language and like it, behaving like


QIn wa'DIch DalaDtaHvIS, nuqDaq damand mu' DalaDpu' ? mu'vam Daqna'
Dangu'laH'a' ? pagh vIpoQ; pagh DaqDaq demand mu' vIjatlhpu'.

muberghmoHbogh vay' vIDelpu'; Hoch tlhIngan DI'onmey DIQejnIS,
tlhIngan Hol DunvaD matornIS, 'ej {Holvam bopbogh vay' wIpar} mu'mey
DIjatlhbe'nIS. chutvam tu'lu''a' ? chutvam wIpab maHvaD 'e' poQ'a'
qeylIS ?

toy'wI''a'pu' Da tlhIngan Hol QIn tetlh jeSwI'pu'; Holvam bopbogh Hoch
lulajchu' tlhIngan Hol QIn tetlh jeSwI'pu'vam, 'ej wanI'vam
luparHa'chu'.. jeSwI'pu'DajvaD 'e' poQchugh SuvwI'pu' Hol QIn tetlh,
vaj vay' 'IQchoHmoH wanI'vam.

~ Qa'yIn

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