[tlhIngan Hol] expressing more than x years ago

SuStel sustel at trimboli.name
Fri Aug 7 06:49:48 PDT 2020

Am Fr., 7. Aug. 2020 um 14:46 Uhr schrieb mayqel qunen'oS 
<mihkoun at gmail.com <mailto:mihkoun at gmail.com>>:

    loS latlh je ben
    four and additional years ago
    (i.e. more than four years ago)

On 8/7/2020 9:29 AM, André Müller wrote:
> I would accept and understand {loS latlh je ben}, but I imagine not 
> everyone would.
> You could consider using {rav} ‘minimum’, as in {rav loS ben} ‘minimum 
> four years ago’, although it might be interpreted as ‘from four years 
> onwards’, i.e. ‘for the last four years’.

*qaSpa' loS ben*/before four years ago occurs/


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