[tlhIngan Hol] not repeating the 'e' of a sao

mayqel qunen'oS mihkoun at gmail.com
Thu Aug 6 06:00:18 PDT 2020

> QInDaj tIq vIlaDDI', qechDaj vItlha'laHbe'..
> pIj nuvHey vIghovbe'bogh pong. pIj wanI'mey vIyajbe'bogh Del.

For a number of reasons, I may choose not to specify exactly some
details of a message. What *is* of importance though, is the grammar.
If due to any mistakes in grammar you can't understand what I'm
talking about, then you can point them out. qeylIS knows, I love to be
corrected; I *want* to be corrected.

> jIyajchoHmeH jIghelchugh, muHIvlaw'.

First of all, this has never happened. Yes we've argued, and quite
intensely in the past, but that's all it ever was; a heated argument.
And there is a specific reason this has happened.

Whenever you don't understand what one of my posts is all about,
instead of simply asking "what are you writing about ?", you start
making assumptions as you did in the {'op jajmey..} thread:


It would be better, if before making any assumptions, you just asked.

> QInmeyvetlh tIn vIlaD vIneHbe'choHchu'.

Then I'll have to respectfully ask you not to read them. That's why
there's the "delete" button.

Also there's something I can't understand.

If SuStel, De'vID, lieven, voragh, charghwI', nIqolay Q complained, or
had any opinion on how and what I write, then I'd understand it, since
they taught me everything I know. Any one of these people would have
every right to say to me:

"Haven't we taught you better ?"

But ghunchu'wI', with all due respect, you almost never taught me
anything. You never answered a single difficult question. It is your
right to choose who you'll help, but don't judge how a person writes,
when you never chose to teach that person in the first place.


QInmey vIqontaHvIS, 'op meqmo' 'op QInvam ngoDmey vIQIjchu'be' 'e'
vIwIvlaH. 'ach potlh *pab neH*. pab'e' jIQaghpu'chugh, 'ej meqvammo'
'op QInwIj DayajlaHbe'chugh, vaj jIHvaD pab QaghwIj tI'agh.
vIlughmoHlu' 'e' vIQej. vIlughmoHlu' vIneHchu' 'e' Sov qeylIS.

wa'DIch not qaSpu' wanI' DaDelbogh. pa'logh maSolqu'pu', teH.. 'ach
qaSpu' wanI'vam neH. qaSpu' Solqu'meH wanI' neH. 'ej wa' meq potlhmo'
qaSpu' wanI'vam. QIn vIngeHpu'DI', 'ej nuv/wanI' bopbogh QInvam
DayajlaHbe'chugh, bIghelbe': nuq bop QInlIj ? bI'IrchoH; 'ej SoHvaD
{'op jajmey..} QIn tlhegh vIqawmoH.

bI'IrchoHpa', bIghelchugh, vaj qaq vangmeH Ho'DoSvam.

jIyI'; QInmeywIj Daparchugh, vaj tIlaDQo'. ngoQvam chavmeH vay', {QIn
Qaw'} (clipped usage of {Qaw'}) leQ tu'lu'.

'ej vay' vIyajlaHbe'bogh tu'lu'..

bepchugh SuStel De'vID lieven voragh charghwI' nIqolay Q joq,
QInmeywIj bopbogh vuD lujatlhchugh nuvvam, vaj SIbI' wanI'vam
vIyajlaH, jIHvaD Hoch lughojmoHta' nuvvam. jIHvaD jatlhlaHbej Hoch

{pIghojmoHchu'pu'be''a'? qatlh bIQaghtaH?}

'a ghunchu'wI' - 'ej jIyI' - jIHvaD ramchu'wI'mey puSqu' neH
DaghojmoHta'. not Qatlhchu'bogh pab DaQIjpu'. DIbna'Daj 'oH 'e'
vIHonbe'bej. 'a not nuv DaghojmoHpu'chugh, vaj nuvvamvaD pagh yoj

~ Qa'yIn

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