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Tue Aug 4 08:16:29 PDT 2020

> We want to say: "the romulans helped the
> enemy which the cardassians
> hunted and captured". Would it be wrong
> to write {jagh luwampu'bogh
> 'ej lujonpu'bogh qarDaSngan luQaHpu'
> romuluSngan} ? Is there someone
> here who will say that this sentence is
> wrong ?
> pabHa'be' 'ach "The Romulans helped the > Cardassians who hunted and
> the enemy" 'oSlaw'.

I'm afraid I can't understand this.

We have the sentence {jagh luwampu'bogh 'ej lujonpu'bogh qarDaSngan
luQaHpu' romuluSngan}.

At this sentence, the {romuluSngan} is obviously plural as the {lu-} on the
{luQaHpu'} indicates, and the {QaH} needs to have a singular object. Also,
due to the {lu-} on each of the verbs of the {-bogh} clause, the
{qarDaSngan} needs to be plural and the {jagh} singular.

I think that the only meaning which could be produced by the above is "the
romulans helped the enemy which the cardassians hunted and captured"

Am I missing something here ?

Other than that, I'd love to read your opinion with regards to the original
question of this thread.

~ Qa'yIn
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