[tlhIngan Hol] pluralizing groups of beings capable of language

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> == qorDu' ==
> paq'batlh seems to go both ways with this word:
> maHvaD lojmItmey tIpoSmoH
> SoHvaD tuqlIj vInoblaH
> batlh Hegh *qorDu’lI’*
> ghe’torDaq lengbe’meH
> *qorDu’wI’* vIQan
> muyonmoH bortaS neH
> *qorDu’wIj* quvmo’ jImaghpu’
> *qorDu’wIj* quvqa’moHlu’meH
> jIvang vIneH
> reH tlhIngan tlhIH 'e' yIqaw
> pewuv'egh
> qotar vImuv *qorDu'wIj* vImuv
> It could be that there is some distinction, perhaps similar to referring
> to soldiers as {mangpu'} or {negh} depending on if you are speaking of them
> as individuals or not.
> On the other hand, paq'batlh contains quite a few mistakes, so that is
> another possibility.
I am working with Dr. Okrand on correcting errors in the paq'batlh for a
2nd edition, and I can confirm that {qorDu'lI'} and {qorDu'wI'} are errors
and will be fixed to {qorDu'lIj} and {qorDu'wIj}.

Here's the relevant quote:

--- begin quote ---
{qorDu'} should be considered something that is not capable of language
(though its individual members, of course, might be… and normally are).
--- end quote ---

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