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Lieven L. Litaer <levinius at gmx.de> schrieb am Fr., 31. Juli 2020, 18:45:

> This idea came from a discussion in the Facebook Learn Klingon group,
> and I find it quite interesting to compile such a list.
> Are you aware of any Klingon noun+verb combinations which look anusual
> from an English point of view?
> Very often, Okrand explains Klingon usage by saying like "This idea is
> expressed by using the verb xy". For instance, at qep'a' 27, we just
> heard that to say "nostalgize", you actually say "experience nostalgy"
> or {ngonDer SIQ}. We learned the slang expression {mInDu' yIv} for blink
> the eyes.
> Do you remember any other where you know that noun X is always used with
> the verb Y, but very different from English usage?

Also from this year: {maySon} is "superconductivity". In English, we say
"be (super)conductive", not "express (super) conductivity".

(I think he might've been poking fun at the "Klingon uses verbs when
English uses nouns" idea with this year's vocabulary.)

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