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> My reading of the context is that those whom Molor is calling {petaQmey}
> are the {ghomta'bogh SuvwI'} (pl.). Since they have gathered, they’re
> clearly not scattered all about as a diaspora throughout the land, but they
> might still be scattered all about the camp. Do we have any canon clues to
> suggest how scattered lamguage-capable beings need to be before {-mey}
> isn’t considered an insult?

Determining whether or not {-mey} is intended as an insult probably has
more to do with context than the physical dimensions involved. That is,
assuming that {-mey} can be used as an insult in such a fashion, as opposed
to Molor actually just meaning "p'takhs all over the place". (It would make
sense, based on how the possessive suffixes work and what happens if you
use the wrong one, but we've never had confirmation for sure.)
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