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> And I *really* wonder..
> Was it sooo hard, to be given an actual english word for the meaning
> of {qalmuS} ?

We have one. It's "color". The word "color" has multiple meanings. It can
refer to a specific shade of light in the visual spectrum: *That tree is a
nice color. My favorite color is blue.* It can also refer to the phenomenon
of color itself: *This movie is in color. Can dogs see color?* *qalmuS*
applies to the latter, not the former. If you're looking for other English
words that might be more precise, you could also try more technical terms
like "colorfulness", "chroma", or "saturation".

Excuse me, but what are we supposed to add next to {qalmuS} in our
> dictionaries ? hmm ? An entire paragraph ?

*qalmus* n. color (as opposed to black and white), the phenomenon of color,
colorfulness, chroma
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