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Klingon Word of the Day for Saturday, September 28, 2019

Klingon word: chIl
Part of speech: verb
Definition: lose, misplace

tlhonchaj chIljaj 
May they lose their nostrils!  (TKD)

(Lawrence Schoen, qep'a' 2008):  {chIl} means lose in the sense of misplace, be unable to find, lose track of. It can be used for misplacing your keys, but also for things like losing the signal of something you've been tracking. Lose in the sense of no longer have (presumably permanently), as in "we've lost a lot of soldiers" is a different word: {weS}. This verb means lose in the sense of undergo a reduction of or suffer a reduction of, as in "he lost a lot of blood".

(Lawrence Schoen, qep'a' 2008): [Okrand asked Maltz how to say digress]:  "He wasn't aware of a single word for that, but he said there's a commonly used phrase: {DoS chIl}.  So I digress would be {DoS vIchIl}.  And so on." 

weS 		lose (permanently?) (v)
tu' 		discover, find (v)
luj 		lose [game], fail (v)

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