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> loghaD:
> > You could say that their transgressions
> > make you nervous (bIt) or uneasy (jotHa')
> I like these two options.
> But is there any difference between {bIt} and {jotHa'}, or can we use them
> interchangeably ?

The {-Ha'} in {jotHa'} implies that the subject used to be calm but isn't
anymore. {bIt} doesn't have the implication that a previous state is
undone. A {rejmorgh} might just be {bIt} at all times, as their ground
state of being. Also, while {jotHa'} is glossed as "uneasy", its literal
meaning is "un-calm". Possibly it could also apply to states of being
un-calm that aren't quite nervousness, such as being angry, agitated, or
excited. On the other hand, it's also possible it's a semi-idiomatic use of
{-Ha'} that only has one meaning even though it could theoretically mean
something else.

But I don't think these are major differences. I think {bIt} and {jotHa'}
would both work fine in your example. {woghtaHmo' romuluSnganpu'
jIbIt/jIjotHa'.} Something like that.

Something like {tlhoy SaH} "be too concerned about, care too much about"
might also work for "worry" in some cases. It seems more like something you
would say about someone else's state of mind, though. {woghtaH
romuluSnganpu' tlhoy 'e' DaSaH!} "You're too concerned about the Romulans'
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