[tlhIngan Hol] expressing "smashing his head on the table"

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If the (presumably large) Romulan picked the (presumably small) table up and smashed it over the Klingon’s head you could use {moq} “beat (something with an implement)”:

(KGT 69):  When the parties are ready, a third party, sort of a referee, says {moq}, the signal to begin. The verb {moq} literally means "beat" and it is a clipped form of, perhaps, {vImoq} ("I beat it") or even {vImoqpu'} ("I have beaten it"). In times past, one would hit something (such as a drum) with a stick to indicate the start of the duel; today, one simply says the word "beat".
… or {qIp} "hit (with hand, fist, implement)” though, based on all the examples I know of, {qIp} seems to imply either using one’s hand/fist or hitting in general.  We do have one useful example:

   molor qIpmeH wa' chap lo' qeylIS 'ej ghaHvo' yIt
   Kahless slaps Molor with the back of his hand, and walks away. (PB)

So something like:

  ? tlhIngan nach moqmeH raS lo' romuluSngan.
     The Romulan hit the Klingon over the head with the table.

I suppose you could use {Qach} “wield, swing (a weapon)” if you want to be even more vivid: {raS lo' romuluSngan} “the Romulan wielded the table (like a weapon)”.

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> {tlhIngan nachvaD raS ngeQmoH  romuluSngan}?

This is nice too. I'd totally forgotten the verb {ngeQ}.

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