[tlhIngan Hol] ordering of multiple adverbials

mayqel qunen'oS mihkoun at gmail.com
Mon Sep 16 07:12:21 PDT 2019

Read the following paq'batlh sentences, mentioned by nIqolay Q at
another thread:

> loDnI'wI'
> bIQeHba'
> chaq batlh bIvangqa'laH
> My brother, I see your anger,
> You might have a chance
> To make amends.
(p. 100-101)

> jatlh 'e' mevDI' qeylIS, lop
> chaq tugh batlh Heghmo'
> 'ej chaq tugh charghmo'
> After Kahless’s words, they celebrate,
> For they may soon die with honor!
> For they may soon be victorious!
(p. 120-121)

> jIlay'ta' 'ej batlh jIpabta'
> vaj choDanIS
> reH batlh SuvtaHjaj chaH
> I have kept my word of honor,
> And so should you,
> Let endless battle and honor await them!
(p. 150-151)

> Hay'chu' luneHqu'
> vaj pe'vIl joqqu'
> cha' tlhIngan tIqDu'
> Both Klingon hearts beat,
> At their strongest,
> In lust for blood.
(p. 166-167)

Now, @!#!@#!! the english translations, and lets focus on the klingon ones.

I get the impression from reading the sentences of the original
klingon, that the adverbial written last, is the most important one,
as far as the meaning of the sentence is concerned.

Does anyone want to comment anything on this impression of mine ?

~ bara'qa'

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