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Fri Sep 13 09:36:44 PDT 2019


Okrand has managed to do something which is quite impressive; he
managed to create an entire language from scratch, a language with
which we can say almost anything.

And the more I write/think in klingon, the more convinced I become,
that by the exception of passages requiring specialized terminology,
there is nothing, absolutely nothing one can't say in klingon.

So, okrand's accomplishment is quite impressive.

However, okrand has achieved something which is even greater; his name
will live on.. As long as there are constructed languages, people will
learn his name as the creator of the klingon language.

But nothing of these, is what I really like in him. The thing I like
most, is that he actually cares for the fans of klingon.

Many people in his place, could think: "now that I have created one of
the most famous constructed languages, why should I bother with
continuing to create more Ca'Non ?"

Many people in his place, could think: "why should I care that an
insignificant fan, receives a new word ?"

But luckily, okrand doesn't think this way, and as the years go by, he
continues creating Ca'Non, and most importantly he really cares that
the fans of his language, receive new words, words that they wish for.

Okrand makes the fans of his language feel cared for, and this is what
I like most in him, and one of the reasons I've never regretted using
so much time of my personal life, in order to learn his language.


Dojbogh vay' chavta' 'oqranD; chu'chu'bogh Hol naQ chenmoHta' 'e'
chav, 'ej Holvam wIlo'taHvIS HochHom wIDellaH.

'ej jIghItlhtaHvIS, ('ej tlhIngan Hol vIlo'taHvIS), wa' vIt
vItlhojchoHtaH; tlhIngan Hol wIlo'taHvIS, Hoch wIDellaH. vay'
wIDelmeH, tlhach mu'mey DIghajnISchugh, vaj vay'vam wIDellaHbe'.. 'a
Hoch latlhmey DIDellaHbej, tlhIngan Hol wIlo'taHvIS.

vaj, Dojbej 'oqranD chav.

'ach, latlh chav chavta' 'oqranD; 'ej chavvam Dun law' chav vorgh Dun
puS; qaStaHvIS tuch Hoch, reH pongDaj luqaw nuvpu'. Holmey
luchenmoHta'bogh tu'lu'taHvIS, reH Sov nuvpu': 'oqranD ghaH tlhIngan
Hol chenmoHwI''e'.

'ach, 'oqranD bopbogh latlh ngoDmo', 'oqranD vIparHa'qu'; tlhIngan Hol
vIlle' Qorghbejmo' 'oqranD, 'oqranD vIparHa'qu'.

'oqranD ghaH latlh nuv'e', net jalchugh, chaq Qub nuvvam: ..Holmey'e'
luchenmoHta'bogh tlhIngan Hol noy law' latlhmey noy puS. qatlh vaj
latlh Ca'Non vIchennISmoH ?..

'oqranD ghaH latlh nuv'e', net jalchugh, chaq Qub nuvvam: ..mu' chu'
Hev tlhIngan Hol vIlle' ram, qatlh 'e' vISaHnIS ?

'a, Do', jaSHa' Qubbe' 'oqranD, 'ej qaStaHvIS DISmey, Ca'Non chenmoH,
'ej mu'mey chu' (mu'mey'e' neHbogh vIlle'pu') HevmeH tlhIngan Hol
vIlle'pu', SaH.

nuQorgh 'oqranD 'e' luHarmoH tlhIngan Hol vIlle'pu', 'ej 'oqranDmo'
bel vIlle'pu'vam. meqvammo' 'oqranD vIparHa'qu'. tlhIngan Hol
vIghojmeH, law'qu'bogh poHwIj tlhIn vIlo'nISpu', 'ach not 'e' vIpay,
nuQorghmo' 'oqranD.

~ changan qIj

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