[tlhIngan Hol] A sad truth

mayqel qunen'oS mihkoun at gmail.com
Thu Sep 12 09:48:37 PDT 2019


There is a quote, from Narcos series, which describes a sad truth of life..

Agent Peña, is heard saying the following:

"..Things don't always go according to plan; you can use every hope
and prayer you have, take your shot, and everything still goes to
shit. And when *that* happens, it's almost like you never had a plan
at all.. That's when people get desperate.. and things get

I envy the people, who have never had the misfortune, of living the
situation described by these words.


qaStaHvIS narcos lut mIr, 'op mu'mey luQoylu', 'ej wa' yIn vIt Do'Ha'
luDelchu' mu'meyvam..

peña ghan'Iq yaS ghogh Qoylu'; jatlh peña:

..pIj, nab lunelbe' wanI'mey; bItulchu', QunvaD bIjatlhchu', bInID, 'a
tagha' QapHa'chu' Hoch. 'ej qaSchoHDI' ghu'vam'e', pagh nab ghu' rur
ghu'lIj, ngugh, QIlchoH nuvpu'.. 'ej QobchoH ghu'..

wa' ghu' luDel mu'meyvam, 'ej Do' not ghu'vam luSIQpu' 'op nuv.
nuvpu'vam vIghal.

~ bara'qa'

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