[tlhIngan Hol] Klingon Word of the Day: wIv

Steven Boozer sboozer at uchicago.edu
Thu Oct 31 08:52:22 PDT 2019

Klingon word: wIv
Part of speech: verb
Definition: select, choose

I choose you. (KLS)

bISuv 'e' yIwIv; bISutlh 'e' yIwIvQo' 
Choose to fight, not negotiate. (TKW)

nuHlIj DawIvpu', vaj yISuv 
You have chosen your weapon, so fight! (TKW)

Qang QanmeH yan 'ISletlh Damuv 'e' wIvlu'. 
You are chosen to serve on the Yan-Isleth and protect the chancellor. (MKE)

wo' ngay' bochoqmeH bowIvlu'pu'! 
You have been chosen to preserve the glory of the Empire! (MKE)

SoHvaD quvwI’ qem Hegh 'e' wIvDI’ Hegh pop Hevchugh quvwI’ 
The honorable will be rewarded after death chooses to bring them to you (PB)

Hoch Holmey mughwI' vIwIv 'e' DapIH'a' 
Did you expect me to choose the Universal Translator? (ASM)

ghetwI' luwIvlu'ta'. 
The actors have been chosen. (DSC Announcement 7/2017)

  The Second Dynasty ended when General K'trelan assassinated Emperor Reclaw. For the next 10 years the empire was ruled by a council elected by the people. Modern-day Klingon historians refer to this as the Dark Time. But it's interesting to note that this was the first and only experiment in Klingon democracy and actually produced several reforms. (DS9 "You Are Cordially Invited...")

wIv  		choice (n)

wuq 		decide (upon) (v)
ngu' 		identify (v)
per 		label (v)
pong 		name, call (v)
maS 		prefer (v)
qaq 		be preferable (v)

DuH 		possibility (n)
'eb 		opportunity, chance, opening (n)

Ca'Non Master of the Klingons

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