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> Wouldn't {quv ghajbe'[bogh] SuvwI'} be simpler?

Sure, but using {quvHa'ghach} explicitly might provide more of a rhetorical

As for "hypocrite", you might try something like {ghobqoq pabbogh ghot}
"person who adheres to so-called virtue", {ghob ngeb pabbogh ghot} "person
who adheres to false virtue", {ghobDaj tlhIn pabHa'bogh ghot} "person who
breaks their own virtues".

I'm not sure how to get it as a single word. I suppose if you wanted to
stretch {pab}'s known meaning somewhat, you could try {pabHa''eghwI'} "one
who does not adhere to themselves", "one who does not follow their own
rules", or the like. (The assumption here is that to {pab} a person would
mean something like following the code of ethics that person preaches or
demonstrates. It's a bit of a stretch from the existing canon meanings, but
it might work for poetry.)
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