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Thanks.  It seems that I copied it from a cross-reference in my notes.  I checked again and found one of your old posts:

(ghunchu'wI', 7/29/2009):  There is no "fanatical" implication in {qolqoS}.  That was an initial guess at the meaning by Lawrence, which got the response "Not necessarily fanatical."  I have it glossed as "core, essence".  In the right context, I think "heart" could be an appropriate translation as well.

{qolqoS} is to be distinguished from {SuqSIv} "core (of an apple, planet, sun, etc.) as explained by Lieven's interview in the qepHom 2015 booklet (p.12) :

MO: The Klingon word for core (of an apple, for example) is {SuqSIv}.
LLL:  Is this restricted to fruit, or can this also be used for the
          core of a planet, or the sun?
MO: Yes, it could be the core of anything, the inside of something
         (but of course not the core of a group, which we know is {qolqoS}).
         It doesn't have to be a fruit, and it doesn't have be something
         that you throw away. 

When referring to the core of an ideology, theory, etc., you can also use {ghanroq} "basis, foundation (underlying support for an idea, argument, or process, depending on context)" [qep'a' 2018].  Cf. Okrand's qepHom 2018 Video Interview:

   "It's the foundation of a philosophy. The basics on which somebody's thinking is based." 

Ca'Non Master of the Klingons

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> qolqoS        fanatical core (n)

“Not necessarily fanatical.” — Mark Okrand

-- ghunchu'wI'

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