[tlhIngan Hol] how is the {mapIm ngIq maH} correct ?

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>     No you can't — unless you come from Sakrej. *maH Hoch* is not a
>     *Hoch* that is possessed by *maH.* As we see with "area" nouns,
>     they don't get "possessed" by the pronouns modifying them: *jIH
>     tlhop*/area in front of me/ (not *tlhopwIj*), and so on. I don't
>     possess the area in front of me; the area in front is being
>     identified as the one associated with me. This is a
>     non-possessive, genitive relationship.
> The *jIH tlhop* vs. *tlhopwIj* issue isn't presented as a general 
> grammar rule applying to certain genitive relationships. It's just 
> presented as a weird thing you do with locative nouns. It doesn't even 
> apply to all locative nouns. The compass direction nouns are an 
> explicit exception, even in the standard dialect. "My east, area to my 
> east" is *chanwIj* is the standard dialect, even though I don't own 
> the area to my east. The same applies to *tIng* and *'ev*.
>     In the standard dialect of Klingon ({ta' Hol}) and in most other
>     dialects, the locative nouns (or nouns of location, or nouns
>     expressing prepositional concepts) do not take possessive
>     suffixes, while in the dialect of the Sakrej region, they do.
>     The directional nouns ({chan}, {'ev}, {tIng}), on the other hand,
>     take possessive suffixes in all dialects (or at least in all
>     dialects studied to date).
> http://klingonska.org/canon/1999-12-holqed-08-4-a.txt
> That article goes on to mention that you can say *jIH chan*, but that 
> the difference is in terms of emphasis ("MY east"), rather than in the 
> nature of the genitive relationship.

Please feel free to say *pIm Hochma'* if you like.


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