[tlhIngan Hol] reversing the order in {tlhIngan SoH}

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Tue Oct 1 10:36:16 PDT 2019

Everything about using pronouns as the verb “to be” is special grammar, formalized in the format: [noun] [pronoun] or [noun] [pronoun] [noun]-‘e’, though some dialects omit the {-‘e’}.

It’s not something you can mess with. The word order is not reversible.

As SuStel pointed out, {‘Iv} is a special case because it is also a pronoun.

charghwI’ vaghnerya’ngan

rInpa’ bomnIS be’’a’ pI’.

> On Oct 1, 2019, at 11:47 AM, mayqel qunen'oS <mihkoun at gmail.com> wrote:
> If I say {tlhIngan SoH}, then this means "you are a/the klingon".
> If I say {SoH tlhIngan}, then does this mean "a/the klingon is you" ?
> ~ bara'qa'
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