[tlhIngan Hol] missing words from kli's "new words not in the original lexicon"

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Fri Oct 25 06:47:26 PDT 2019

On 10/25/2019 9:20 AM, mayqel qunen'oS wrote:
> If we accept it, then who will be the one deciding, "when okrand is 
> speaking casually, and when he's officially creating canon" ?

> Perhaps, the need never appeared again for okrand to use {qabpaq}. So, 
> how could someone dismiss it, as being "a one-time temporary word only" ?

A canonical word need not be a dictionary word. Klingons occasionally 
coin one-use words and throw them away; this practice itself is 
canonical. So if we accept *qabpaq* as canonical, there's still no 
evidence one way or the other whether this is a canonical throwaway term 
or a canonical "the way Klingons refer to Facebook" term.

Given that in our fictional Klingon world Klingons are unlikely to know 
or care much about Facebook — what century is Maltz living in, anyway? — 
what Klingon is putting the name *qabpaq* in a dictionary? I think that, 
unless Facebook itself accepts a Klingon translation of its name, any 
translated name will be an informal one.

The treatment of proper nouns in word lists has always been tricky. TKD 
itself is inconsistent. The dictionary proper lists planet names but not 
personal names. The KLI's word list has country names and ship names but 
not corporate names.

It's not really a question of what's canonical; it's a question of what 
needs to go in a dictionary. Is the KLI's word list a list of canonical 
utterances or a list of dictionary words?


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