[tlhIngan Hol] missing words from kli's "new words not in the original lexicon"

David Holt kenjutsuka at live.com
Fri Oct 25 06:00:48 PDT 2019

> Even as a borrowing, since it's Ca'Non, I think it should be included too.
> As far as the {qabpaq} is concerned, I'm copying-pasting from my notes:
> "From an untranslated FaceBook post from Okrand to Andre (2/11/2014) discussing Burmese languages:
>  Do'Ha' QIp qabpaqwIj. [bama/mIyanma] Hol mu'mey cha'be'. mI'mey neH cha'."

I wouldn't count that as canon.  Is Dr. Okrand never allowed to just have a casual conversation without being careful that he is also making an offical canon pronouncement?  So Dr. Okrand occaionally uses mu'mey ru' and mu'mey ghoQ.  That doesn't make those words canon, it shows us that it's OK to use mu'mey ru' and mu'mey ghoQ.  Feel free to use them.  But don't expect them to appear in official dictionaries.
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