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SuStel sustel at trimboli.name
Thu Oct 24 06:19:38 PDT 2019

On 10/24/2019 8:44 AM, Lieven L. Litaer wrote:
> what would {qaDIl} mean?
> Is it like in English that you gave somebody the money for their job, or
> does it sound awkward as if I buy a person?

I think it would be context-dependent. In the context of slavery, hiring 
someone, acquiring a sports-player's contract, and so on, it would mean 
*SoH qaDIl,* where the speaker has paid money to acquire the person 
they're speaking to. In other contexts it would be an instance of the 
prefix trick, the long form of which would be *SoHvaD jIDIl* or *SoHvaD 
vIDIl,* where the speaker has paid for something for the benefit of the 
person they're speaking to.

Undoubtedly, there are those immature people who, when being treated to 
a meal in a restaurant and their host casually says *qaDIl,* waggle 
their eyebrows, grin, and ask if they're supposed to be a slave or 
something. The payer is then perfectly justified to roll their eyes and 
wonder if they should have bothered treating the person to lunch after all.

> And while talking about that... is there a word for "hire" a person,
> i.e. charging him to do a paid job? I'm sure that {ngIp} is strange. 

None I can think of. *ngIp* is obviously wrong. I might use something 
like *gheS 'e' DIl*/pay for [someone] to take on duties [of some job]./


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