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> (HQ 9.3): Reversing the dividend and the divisor changes the equation.
> {javlogh boqHa''egh wej} would be 3 ÷ 6 and the answer would be a fraction

And we know how to do those now.

> *Fractions*
> *wej loch cha'* "2/3"; *vagh loch wej* "3/5"; *loS loch jav* "6/4". In
> theory, if appropriate in a mathematical discussion, one could say *wa'
> loch wej* "three one–ths". (Though perhaps a little grammatically
> aberrant, this would not be *wa' luloch wej*.))
Based on *loch* "be a fraction of, make up a portion of, constitute part of"

So we can finally finish the math example from the HolQeD article with *javlogh
boqHa''egh wej; chen jav loch wej*. (I'm assuming that fractions work as a
unique type of noun phrase in sentences even though they're constructed as
complete sentences. Otherwise they would be quite difficult to actually
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