[tlhIngan Hol] x nuq vs nuq x & 'Iv x vs x 'Iv

David Holt kenjutsuka at live.com
Sat Oct 12 04:36:05 PDT 2019

There's the {nuq mI'lIj}, and there's the {nuq 'oH mI'lIj'e'}.
Is the {nuq 'oH mI'lIj'e'} more "formal" than the {nuq mI'lIj} ?

I should have just answered both in the same email, but here we are.  In my view point...
{nuq mI'lIj?} is incorrect grammatically, but generally accepted by most Klingons as a common informal way to ask.
{mI'lIj nuq?} is informal and grammatically formed, but sounds a little odd because the question word isn't at the beginning.
{nuq 'oH mI'lIj'e'?} is formal and grammatical - the proper way to ask, but maybe a little too proper for many situations.
{mI'lIj 'oH nuq'e'?} is grammatical but very odd - it's not really wrong, just very weird - a bit like "You were talking with whom?" instead of "Who were you talking with?"
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