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I think that clipped Klingon is most appropriate when there is urgency to the message, as in battle. If someone says {nuqDaq puchpa’}, then point to the bathroom and get out of the way. 

I don’t see {nuq mI’lIj} as obviously urgent, unless shouted by a suspicious guard pointing the unfriendly end of a nasty weapon at you. 

In other settings, I’d just consider it poor grammar spoken by an illiterate, uneducated, backwoods peasant, or maybe a local who is speaking loud and slow for a tourist he considers an idiot who has to look up every word in a guidebook. 

But that’s just an opinion. 

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> On Oct 9, 2019, at 1:51 PM, SuStel <sustel at trimboli.name> wrote:
> On 10/9/2019 1:13 PM, mayqel qunen'oS wrote:
>> There's the {nuq mI'lIj}, and there's the {nuq 'oH mI'lIj'e'}.
>> Is the {nuq 'oH mI'lIj'e'} more "formal" than the {nuq mI'lIj} ?
> Given that we know nuqDaq puchpa' is the clipped version of nuqDaq 'oH puchpa''e', I would expect nuq mI'lIj to be the clipped version of nuq 'oH mI'lIj'e'.
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