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On Sun, 17 Nov 2019 at 06:39, Jesse Manoogian <boyfromtheabyss at yahoo.com>

> Hey, it's Andrew ('anDu) again.
> It's great to have words for "apron", "extinct", "just", "climate",
> "paleontology", and many more, including many Klingon names from the DSC
> movie (I haven't seen the movie and am still excited about having those
> words confirmed).

DSC (Star Trek DiSCovery) is a series, not a film.

> However, I haven't seen the list of chabal tetlh words we've been voting
> on up at the Klingon wiki (except 'an'or and jaqtala'). Considering the
> qepHom is going on now, will we have words for "freckle", "teen", "zinc",
> "trillion", "blink", "protein", "furniture", etc. soon? (They may have
> already been revealed, I'm not attending the qepHom so I don't know).

The KLI wish list is for the qep'a' (in the USA in July), which is a
separate event from the Saarbrücken (Germany) qepHom['a'] which just took
place (and which formally has nothing to do with the wish list). Not every
item on the wish list is submitted to Okrand, only those meeting the voting
criteria. This year's top items in the wish list were already revealed in
July. If some words didn't make the cut this year, they may be considered
for next year.

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