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I think that Jackson is right.  AFAIK all the items tagged with {naH} or {naHmey} are Terran:

banan naH                         banana
mengho' naH                    mango
pIlam naH                          plum
ghIrep naHmey                grapes
per naHmey                      pears
raSber naHmey                raspberries
Sutra'ber naHmey           strawberries
tomat naHmey                tomatoes
'epIl naHmey                     apples

I couldn’t find any native Klingon fruit or vegetables tagged with {naH}.  And why would they be?  Every Klingon knows what a {peb’ot} or a {Hurgh} is!  But what in the world is a {‘epIl} or a {banan}?

A few alien fruit, vegetables, plants or animals are preceded by the planet name however :

tera’ bIQ lung’a’               alligator,  crocodile
tera’ cheS                          rabbit
tera' la'SIv                          turtle
tera’ lIr                               owl
tera' nagh DIr charwI’     snail,  slug

tera' na'ran                        orange
tera' na'ran'a'                   grapefruit
tera' na'ran wIb                lemon
tera' peb'ot                       cucumber
tera' yav 'atlhqam           mushrooms

tera’ ‘arDeH                      ivy

Note that none of these are also tagged with {naH} since everyone knows what they are as there are probably Klingon versions of all these.  A {tera’ na’ran’a’} is that big na’ran-looking thing from Earth, while a {tera' na'ran wIb} is that sour-tasting na’ran-like fruit.  (Everyone knows that a proper {na’ran} is sweet!)

Ca'Non Master of the Klingons

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True, but my understanding was that, since it's a word of foreign origin and presumably one only recently borrowed into the language, it requires the *naH* to let everyone know that it's a fruit/vegetable we're talking about.

Le lun. 18 nov. 2019, à 12 h 32, Lieven L. Litaer <levinius at gmx.de<mailto:levinius at gmx.de>> a écrit :
Am 18.11.2019 um 19:21 schrieb Jackson Bradley:
> To be clear: did he say /tanje'rIn/ or /tanje'rIn naH/?

According to Qov's story, he said {tanje'rIn}.

But I would not put too much weight on that. It's very likely that he
simply forgot that all fruits have the {naH} complement, and on the
other hand, I have noticed that many people cheat in those cases saying
{'epIl vISop} and everyone understands.


I mean, what would be the difference between {tanje'rIn} and {tanje'rIn
naH}? Just my opinion, of course.

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