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On the other hand, instead of {Ha'DIbaH *herd* tu'lu'}, I could
alternatively say:

{'op Ha'DIbaHmey tu'lu'}
{'op Ha'DIbaHmey luyIrlu'pu'bogh tu'lu'}
{'op Ha'DIbaHmey lulIqlu'pu'bogh tu'lu'}

And since, according to m-w:

"round up" transitive verb:

1: to collect (animals, such as cattle) by means of a roundup
2: to gather in or bring together from various quarters

Perhaps, curtain number 3: {'op Ha'DIbaHmey lulIqlu'pu'bogh tu'lu'} is the
way to go, if it's about a herd of domestic animals..

But if the animals aren't domestic, then we should be thankful (again) for
the completeness and perfection of the klingon language..

~ gha'cher qIj
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