[tlhIngan Hol] additional new word: tanje'rIn

Lieven L. Litaer levinius at gmx.de
Sun Nov 17 22:59:45 PST 2019

Oh, by the way,

Am 18.11.2019 um 07:56 schrieb Lieven L. Litaer:>      SKI: new Klingon
word: tanje'rIn - the Earth fruit that Qov calls
> an orange, but the kind that peels easily and breaks into segments
> without getting juice on your fingers.

I just read that in English, this word "tangerine" is also used for a
similar fruit that in German is called Mandarine or even Clementine
(which I know they were eating) so if the question arises, I'm sure
that's te word now to use for those.

Lieven L. Litaer
aka the "Klingon Teacher from Germany"

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