[tlhIngan Hol] expressing "relationship" and "relation/related"

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> loghaD:
> > Although I'm not certain it's the best choice
> > here, you may want to consider the word «ruS» ("bond").
> This is an interesting suggestion..
> All these years, without knowing why, I was under the impression that
> {ruS} could apply only to "bonds of the chemical kind" e.g. bonds
> between atoms.

chay'?! TKD Appendix-Daq {ruStay} tu'lu'; 1992 narghpu' paqvam. qaStaHvIS
2010, {ruS} QIjlu'pu' 'ej paq'batlh-Daq lo'lu'pu'.

qaSpu'pa' 2016, HeySel, 'o'rIS je bopbogh {ruS} mu''e' wISovbe'!

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