[tlhIngan Hol] is this grammatically correct ?

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AFAIK there were six complete sentences.  Here they are, followed by the author's annotations from http://www.allyngibson.net/st-const.html :

Page 232

yIntaH qIrq 'e' vIneH.  DaSwIj bIngDaq latlhpu' vItap.

Klingonese translation provided by Marc Okrand from my English: "Kirk I want alive. The rest I will grind beneath my boot." Marc told me that literally the line is: "I want that Kirk keeps living.  I will mash the others under my boot."

[sic! typo for qIrq'e'? (qurgh)]

Page 259

qab yon Da'agh.  qablIj yon yI'aghHa' 'aghHa'pa' 'etlhwIj.

Marc Okrand again translated my English line into Klingon. I gave him "Scrape that smug look from your face before my blade does it for you" and he gave me back this, saying literally it was: "You display a satisfied face.  Dis-display your satisfied face before my blade dis-displays it."

chobelHa'moH, DI'qar.  SajlIj 'oHbe' quvwIj'e'.

More Marc Okrand goodness. My line was "You disappoint me, D'Kar.  My honor is not your play-thing," and Marc handed back this Klingonese. (Literally: "You displease me, D'Kar.  My honor is not your pet.") It was fantastic for Marc to take his time to translate these lines for me, and I owe him big.

Ca'Non Master of the Klingons

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> Recall {DaSwIj bIngDaq latlhpu' vItap} (not {latlh nuvpu' vItap}) from
> Star Trek Constellations.

What is "Constellations", and where does it have Klingon

It was an anthology of Star Trek stories put together for the 40th anniversary: https://memory-alpha.fandom.com/wiki/Constellations

The story "The Leader" by Dave Galanter contains several sentences in Klingon, translated by Marc Okrand. The author credits Okrand in the authors' annotations supplement: "Klingonese translation provided by Marc Okrand from my English".

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