[tlhIngan Hol] how do we say "from where did you ..."

Felix Malmenbeck felixm at kth.se
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> How do I say "from where did you send the envelope ?" ?


> {nuqDaqvo' nav vaH DangeHpu' ?}

Although I don't believe it's ever been made explicit in canon, I don't believe that *nuqDaqvo'* is correct; it should be {nuqvo'}.

Consider that in TKD, it is mentioned that:

"The word for where?, nuqDaq, is actually nuq what? followed by the suffix -Daq locative (see section 3.3.5)."

It isn't unimaginable that nuqDaq would become fossilized as its own noun stem and thus be able to take Type-5 suffixes, but I'd argue that nuqvo' is both safer (because, idiomatic or not, it is certainly grammatical) and more in line with the description.


I think just nuqvo' nav vaH DangeHpu'? would do the trick for this specific question (although I would ask if it's really the nav vaH that you're interested in; although we may talk about "sending an envelope" in English, we're normally much more interested in the contents of the envelope).

If you then wish to bring that point of origin into another sentence, you could perhaps use the word mung ("origin"):

- nuqvo' QIn DangeHpu'?

- mung qaja'Qo'.

- qatlh?

- ghoqwI' SoHmo'.

- ghuy'cha'! bISIj.

- nuqvo' nISwI' DaQIqta'?

- qatlh nISwI' mung DaSaH?

- vaH qatru' jIH.

- qar'a'? vaH qatru' jIH je! qaHoHnISbe' net jalchugh, maja'chuq 'e' wItIvlaw'.

- Ha'! choHoHpa' nItebHa' qa'vIn wItlhutlh!

- Hop veng. nuqvo' qa'vIn wIje'?

- ram qa'vIn mung.

- DalchoHpu' ja'chuqghachvam.

*pyuu pyuu*

- jIHeghba'lI'.

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How do I say "from where did you send the envelope ?" ?

{nuqDaqvo' nav vaH DangeHpu' ?}

I don't think that's correct.

Or should I write:

{Daqvo' nav vaH DangeHpu'; nuq 'oH Daqvam'e' ?}

You sent the envelope from a location; what's this location ?


{Daqvo' nav vaH DangeHpu'; Daqvam yIngu'}

You sent the envelope from a location; identify this location

Perhaps the above are preferable, but can't I express the intended meaning in just one sentence ?

~ bara'qa'

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