[tlhIngan Hol] Suffix-number questions in the KLCP test

Dirk Schlösser schloesserdirk at web.de
Mon Nov 25 09:37:17 PST 2019


I recently retried to take the KLCP 1 test, but I knew after 5 minutes
that I can't pass it. That is because I got like 4-5 questions that
asked for the number of a suffix. I wanted to ask the question: Why are
those there. They don't let you know, if the person taking the test
speaks klingon. All it does is a) force you to remember useless numbers
and b) kick out all intuitive learners.

I mean, I get, that the people making those test questions want to know,
if the person taking the test can put the suffixes in the right order,
but to be honest, a intuitive learner like me, will have a hard time to
get those questions right. I can't remember the numbers. If I try, it
will take an immense amount of work (like a week or so) and I will still
forget the numbers after like an hour. And I think, I'm not the only
one. The thing is, intuitive learners will still be able to put the
suffixes in the correct order and they will know, if they are in the
wrong order, if you show them a word, but those questions for the number
will sort prevent them from passing the test very easily.

Also, I think, native klingons wouldn't be able to pass the test,
because almost no native speaker would be able to tell you the number of
a certain suffix.

So, I would be happy, if the KLI could think about changing these
questions to something more fitting or at least explain to me, why they
have to be like they are.

This is the end of my rant, I hope I didn't sound too much like a

with regards


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