[tlhIngan Hol] missing words from kli's "new words not in the original lexicon"

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> I'd like to add even more precise: Marc Okrand said:
> "No, forget about that. Don't write that down."
> So again, what he meant was: "DON'T! Write. That. Down!"
> I have had that discussion many years ago, and repeat it now. He clearly
> told us to ignore it, and it should have never gone even outside of that
> building we were at.
> So it's my request that this note is removed from the new words list
> because it's basically non-existant.

As someone who is trying to keep a record (in the {boQwI'} database) of
every bit of info revealed about the Klingon language, I can understand
that some people want to record even things which are retracted, along with
the retraction. If it's just for the purpose of having an accurate
historical record, that's fine (and may be helpful to settle any confusion
later). The problem is if the retracted info is spread around without the
retraction accompanying it.

For something like the KLI new Klingon words list which sees much wider
usage than just by experts, it's probably better to leave off the retracted
info to begin with:
https://www.kli.org/about-klingon/new-klingon-words/j/ [the entry for {jIr}
has retracted info]

(It's like saying "When okrand send me that word, he had a typo in his
> email, but I'm sure that thlIgnan is not a new word")
It did actually happen to me once that Okrand sent me a message which he
asked me to pass along and which had a typo, which was soon followed by a
correction. I edited the message per his correction before I forwarded it.
Now, that would be the end of it, except that I messed up the correction.

Here's what happened: his original message said {mey'egh X Y je}. Then he
realised his error and wrote that he meant {-chuq} instead of {-'egh}, so I
made the change, except I clumsily didn't delete the {qaghwI'}. So if you
absolutely must record Okrand's words verbatim, as if he's a prophet or
something, you can note that his message here was edited:

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