[tlhIngan Hol] Sepqep mu’ chu’

Jackson Bradley j.monroe.bradley at gmail.com
Sat Nov 9 16:30:41 PST 2019

Hello one and all!

Today is the start of the galaxy’s first Sepqep! To help celebrate and make this day a little more special, I sent a small chabal tets to Maltz’s very good friend, Dr. Marc Okrand. 

We had a few questions about Morskan vocabulary to which Maltz didn’t feel he could respond (for now anyway), but he did give us the official Klingon versions of two Terran place names: the US state of Texas and it’s capital, Austin.

He had this to say:

>>>>>>>>> Fortunately, Maltz said this one was easy!
>>>>>>>>>   teqSaS
>>>>>>>>>   'oStIn
>>>>>>>>> (Did you or Hugh expect anything different from those?)
>>>>>>>>> All the best,
>>>>>>>>> - Marc

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