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Fri Nov 1 04:23:16 PDT 2019

A while ago I was alerted to a Star Trek fan film with a Klingon story
line. I inquired about it and the production staff was going to mimic TOS
production values and just have their Klingons speak English.

The first half has just been released:

It seems that they've somewhat changed their minds as their Klingons have a
TNG aesthetic. Also, there's a short scene with a bit of onscreen "Klingon"
(which is actually English written using a {pIqaD} font). The Klingon
actually says a short sentence which doesn't sound like real Klingon to me,
but maybe it is and I just don't understand it. In fact, it reminds me of
K'Tuvma's voice, which makes me wonder if it wasn't a sentence fragment
lifted out of Star Trek Discovery.

The scene starts at the 10:14 mark if anyone's interested:

Let me know if you figure out what the Klingon is supposed to be saying.

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