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Feel free to ignore that list. It says “Klingonists agree,” but I don’t remember any kind of referendum.

Just use whatever punctuation you think best expresses what you want and will be best understood and accepted by your audience.


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Go here: http://www.klingonwiki.net/En/Punctuation

Scroll to the "klingonists convention", and read the table.
(Irrelevant sidenote: I always found the word "scroll" to have a
"dirty" sound.. I read scroll and my mind goes to Hut'In vil..)


According to the aforementioned table, we have:

Curly braces {tlhIngan Hol} Klingon words in English text
Angled brackets <<quote>> Quoting spoken words in Klingon text
Asterisks *mu'qoq* indicates Klingon spelling of a non-canon word
Asterisks *English* English words in Klingon text
Single Asterisk *pong indicates a Klingon name that's not canon

I want to ask two things:

1. Why do I need to use angled brackets, to quote spoken words in
klingon text ? If I want to say "michael said ancient cats are
expensive", then I write the quotation after a comma. i.e. {jatlh
mayqel, wagh vIghro'mey tIQ}. So, what's with the angled brackets ?

2. What if I have a klingon name, which is a Ca'Non klingon word which
actually means something ? e.g., as with the klingon name of Daniel,
which is {Hugh} ? Then what do I do ? Suppose I want to write
"{nI'ghma'}s ancient cat married {Hugh}'s dog". How do I do it ?

{Hugh *dog* Sawpu' *nI'ghma' vIghro' tIQ}
{*Hugh *dog* Sawpu' *nI'ghma' vIghro' tIQ}
{*Hugh* *dog* Sawpu' *nI'ghma' vIghro' tIQ}

Of course, the table of the wiki isn't Ca'Non, but the result of a
convention, of the closest equivalent to klingons in real life (which
unfortunately it's us..); but I wonder what this convention holds with
regards to the questions above.

~ m. qunen'oS
I wrote, "..but the result of a convention, of the closest equivalent
to klingons in real life (which unfortunately it's us..)" because I
don't like klingons..
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