[tlhIngan Hol] Always I've wanted to engage a federation cat

mayqel qunen'oS mihkoun at gmail.com
Sun May 19 07:17:11 PDT 2019

logh HopDaq, lengtaHvIS tlhIngan toQDuj, meHDaq ba' HoD.. 'ej
Qorwaghvo', logh bejtaHvIS, tlhup; jatlh.. reH DIvI' vIghro' vISuv

while the klingon bird of prey was traveling in deep space, the
captain was sitting at the bridge.. and while he was watching space
from the window, he whispered.. always I've wanted to engage a
federation cat..

DIvI' vIghro' vIjeylaHchugh.. taH..
If I could defeat a federation cat.. he continued..

mu'meyvam tlhuptaHvIS, Sum puqloDDaj; vaj jatlh puq: vavoy, ghorgh
vIghro' tIQ DaSuv ?

while he was whispering these words, his son (who was near), asked:
father, when will you fight the ancient cat ?

nuqjatlh ??? jangtaHvIS jatlh HoD.. vIghro tIQ'e' ?!?! puqloD,
bIyajlaHbe''a' ? Qangma' lot'a' Daqawbe''a' ? pa'logh, DIvI' vIghro'
SuvchoH Qangma'.. 'ej DIvI' vIghro' SuvchoHpu'DI', qaSpu'pa' lup
puSqu', nachDaj 'uchqu'taH vIghro' ! nachvo' vIghro'vam luwItlhmeH,
'ut vagh tlhIngan SuvwI' nen chevmeH wIl je !

what did you say ??? said the captain.. THE ANCIENT CAT ?!?! son,
can't you understand ? don't you remember the tragedy of our
chancellor ? in the past, he engaged a federation cat, but only a few
seconds later, the cat was clinging at his head ! in order to free him
from the cat, it took five grown klingon warriors and a crowbar !

'ej puqloD, taH HoD, vIghro tIQ 'oHpu'be' vIghro'vam'e'.. DIvI'
vIghro' motlh neH 'oHpu'.. DIvI' vIghro' luSuvta' nuv law', 'ej
cheghpu' puS; 'a vIghro' tIQ'e'.. vIghro' tIQ luSuvta' law', 'a taHpu'

and son, continued the captain, this cat wasn't even an ancient one..
it was just an ordinary federation cat.. many have fought the
federation cat and few ever returned; but as for the ANCIENT CAT..
even fewer survived..

'ej ngugh, pe'vIl pur 'ej pe'vil rech HoD.. loQ mInDu'Daj nargh mIn
'onroS 'ej jatlh.. loDHom jIHDI', DIvI' vIghro' vIqImchoH.. Depvam
Ho'lu'.. 'ej muSlu'..

and then, sighed heavily the captain.. tears appeared in his eyes and
said.. I've followed the fedaration cat's history since I was a boy..
a being to admire.. and hate..

~ m. qunen'oS
cat-obsession is a known side-effect of klingon..

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