[tlhIngan Hol] Klingon Word of the Day: chuch

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Thu May 30 08:24:45 PDT 2019

Klingon word: chuch
Part of speech: noun
Definition: ice

  chuch yIqemQo' 
  Do not bring ice! (PK)

  rura' pente'Daq chuch ngevlaH ghaH 
  He can sell ice on Rura Penthe. (TKW)

(TKW 190):  Rura Penthe is a frozen asteroid used by the Klingons as a penal colony for enemies of the Empire. This expression is descriptive of someone who can do most anything, even under adverse conditions.

  'Iw HIq bIr puS chuch bIr puS 
  the bloodwine is as cold as the ice is
  the bloodwine is as cold as ice  (HQ 13.1:9)

(qurgh, 7/2017 [qep'a' 2017]):  A solid block of ice would be {chuch ngogh}. For shaved ice or the kind of ice in a sno-cone or smoothie, {chuch} is usually sufficient. 

chal chuch 	snow (n) (qep’a’ 2017)

chuch 'aplom  	hailstone (n) (qep'a' 2017)
'aplom chuch  	hailstone (n) (qep'a' 2017)

(qurgh, 7/31/2017):  A hailstone can be either {chuch 'aplom} ("ice pellet") or {'aplom chuch} ("pellet ice.

bIr 		be cold (v)
taD 		be frozen (v)
tet 		melt (v)
yIQ 		be wet (v)
peD 		snow (v)
Heq 		hail (v)
tet 		melt (v)

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