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 I've started using *Har'ey*, rainbow, to refer to LGBTQ+ people: *Har'ey
tach*, *Har'eynganpu*', *Har'ey loD ghaH'a' *etc. DeSDu' and I came up with
this while sitting in a gay bar and struggling to talk about it.

This is decidedly not canon, and has nothing to do with fictional Klingons.
I also don't hate *le'yo'*, pride, being used with lgbtq connotations.
(Google Klingon Pride and there's a good picture of the Timmins Klingons
with a *le'yo'* sign.) I don't have a good way to be more specific than
that, yet. *le'yo'ngan ghaH, loD ghaH parmaqqayDaj'e'. *???

Tangent: Think of the valences *maqoch* and *chaj *could take on in some
gay/lesbian/bi/pan fiction!
Another tangent: *SIHwI' *and *SIHmoHwI'* for "top" and "bottom."

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On Wed, May 29, 2019 at 11:01 AM Riley Dosh <rjl.dosh at gmail.com> wrote:

> Qapla'!
> ghojchoHwI' jIH. tlhIngan Hol vIjatlhHa', 'ach mu'ghom vIlaDlaH. wej
> ngoDHommey jIHvaD vIghajbe'.
> I noticed talk about neutral gender yesterday, which leads me to ask about
> LGBT terminology as a whole, since it's heavily gendered language.
> Concerning trans people, I've defaulted to be' ghe'/be' ghe'pu' and loD
> ghe'/loD ghe'pu', but I welcome any suggestions.
> As for gay/lesbian/bi and straight people, I'm have no idea, although I
> know it's been at least implied by MO before. Anybody know how one would
> say that?
> Thanks for maintaining this mailing list.
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