[tlhIngan Hol] More gender

Riley Dosh rjl.dosh at gmail.com
Wed May 29 09:00:48 PDT 2019


ghojchoHwI' jIH. tlhIngan Hol vIjatlhHa', 'ach mu'ghom vIlaDlaH. wej
ngoDHommey jIHvaD vIghajbe'.

I noticed talk about neutral gender yesterday, which leads me to ask about
LGBT terminology as a whole, since it's heavily gendered language.

Concerning trans people, I've defaulted to be' ghe'/be' ghe'pu' and loD
ghe'/loD ghe'pu', but I welcome any suggestions.

As for gay/lesbian/bi and straight people, I'm have no idea, although I
know it's been at least implied by MO before. Anybody know how one would
say that?

Thanks for maintaining this mailing list.
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