[tlhIngan Hol] And now..

mayqel qunen'oS mihkoun at gmail.com
Wed May 29 02:59:56 PDT 2019

> Your imagery is beautiful. You make me see things I have never seen.

qatlho' charghwI' ! QInvam DaparHa'qu'mo' jIbel !
thank you charghwI' ! I'm glad you liked this post !

> I ask because {'ej} is a sentence conjunction, and there's no known
> instance of such a thing *starting* a sentence. (The non-canon {'ej HumtaH
> 'ej DechtaH 'Iw} doesn't count, and is in any case archaic and poetic.)
> Also, {DaH} is an adverbial, and it should either start a sentence, or if standing
> alone, be considered an exclamation. While an exclamation is a type of sentence
> and I guess in principle it could be joined using {'ej}, it still sounds odd to me.
> Following {'ej}, I expect {DaH} to start a complete sentence.

You're absolutely right !

While I was writing this post yesterday, I realized that the {'ej DaH}
was wrong, but because I *really* needed to sleep, I wrote it anyway;
may qeylIS forgive me..

Now, after 8 hours of shut-eye, and a coffee powerful enough to wake
the dead, I realize that I could write just {DaH}.

~ m. qunen'oS
I love the cookie monster

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