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> Go here: http://www.klingonwiki.net/En/Punctuation
> Scroll to the "klingonists convention", and read the table.
> (Irrelevant sidenote: I always found the word "scroll" to have a
> "dirty" sound.. I read scroll and my mind goes to Hut'In vil..)
> Anyways..
> According to the aforementioned table, we have:
> Curly braces {tlhIngan Hol} Klingon words in English text
> Angled brackets <<quote>> Quoting spoken words in Klingon text
> Asterisks *mu'qoq* indicates Klingon spelling of a non-canon word
> Asterisks *English* English words in Klingon text
> Single Asterisk *pong indicates a Klingon name that's not canon
> I want to ask two things:
> 1. Why do I need to use angled brackets, to quote spoken words in
> klingon text ? If I want to say "michael said ancient cats are
> expensive", then I write the quotation after a comma. i.e. {jatlh
> mayqel, wagh vIghro'mey tIQ}. So, what's with the angled brackets ?
> ~ m. qunen'oS

jatlh HeS leghbogh loD - be' HoH. ghIq pa' mej. beyIl ghoS. DaH nej

How much is being spoken?

Is it the witness that went to the bank, and the soldiers are looking
for him, perhaps to question him further? 
Is the witness saying only one of those sentences, be' HoH?  
Is he saying two?  Three?  All four?
Does the witness leave the room after saying, be' HoH, or is he saying
the killer left the room after killing the woman?

While many times, the << >> are not necessary, sometimes it may be

- DloraH

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