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> Am 14.05.2019 um 07:23 schrieb De'vID:
> >     The line she actually says is:
> >     {HIja', 'ej jIHvo' nIHDI' jIbup.}
> >     "Yes, and when he stole from me I dumped (him)."
> [...]
> You mention that in boQwI', but I have compared those two scenes and
> they definitely do NOT match in lips movement: When final version Uhura
> says {jIyI'} the teeth stick together, but in the frist version with
> {HIja'}, her mouth definitely opens for the sound {a}.

I guess you're talking about the comparison which starts at about 0:26 here:

In the final version (top half), Uhura says {jIyI'} at 0:26. In the earlier
cut (bottom half), she says {HIja'} at 0:28.

Then at 0:30, their lips sync up as the top Uhura says {ghach jIvvo' naH}
and the bottom one says {'ej jIHvo' nIHDI' jIbup}. (The top one cuts away
one second earlier, so that the lip movements corresponding to {-DI' jIbup}
are not used. And by the way, your subtitles are missing the {'ej} in the
bottom version, which is clearly audible.)

Since Uhura's lips are continuously visible in both versions (the top from
0:26 to 0:32 and the bottom from 0:28 to 0:33, with an overlap between 0:30
to 0:32 where their lip movements match), it must be the case that they are
two shots of her speaking the same original line. The word which was
overdubbed into {jIyI'} *must* have been {HIja'}.

I agree with you that her lips movements when she says {jIyI'} (in the top
version) and when she says {HIja'} (in the bottom version) aren't exactly
the same, but I don't believe this means anything other than that she
stressed the same word in different ways when she spoke it at different
times. If you watch her lips in the top version, she opens her mouth to
make a {H} which has become silent, followed by a {j} (which has become
{j-y}), and ends with wide lips which might be a {'} (which has become
{t}). In fact, in the bottom version she seems to have dropped the glottal
stop, which explains her open mouth.

(Also, while watching this scene again, it occurred to me that {HIja'} was
joined to another sentence with the conjunction {'ej}. TKD 5.5 says that
exclamations such as {HIja'} "stand as sentences in their own right", and
since TKD 5.3 says that {'ej} joins sentences, there's no reason why
{HIja'} couldn't be one of the sentences so joined. But I don't recall
another example of this.)

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