[tlhIngan Hol] Noun marked with {-'e'} at the beginning of the sentence

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> >
> > novmey bI vIghro'mey tIH'e'
> I have seen non-canon descriptions of Morskan on the web that state that
> {Q} becomes {H}, but the actual text that describes the dialect in KGT says
> this happens specifically in syllable-initial position, so I believe {tIQ}
> is still {tIQ} in Morskan, unless the description in KGT is incomplete.

*hagh qopu' ne heghtavIS SuvwI'pu'! bIlugh. *

I had somehow completely forgotten that the *Q* -> *H* change only occurs
at the beginning of syllables. *morISqa' 'oHbe'ba' juHqo'wIj'e'.*
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