[tlhIngan Hol] parentheses or brackets in definitions of verbs

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Sat May 11 10:59:57 PDT 2019

A couple of people have suggested that the presence (or absence) of
brackets in a verb's definition is an indicator of whether it can take an
object or not. I asked Marc Okrand about this, and this was his reply.

--- begin quote ---
There is no convention or system or pattern governing the use (or non-use)
of parentheses (or brackets) in definitions (in TKD or elsewhere). The
enclosed words are there just to help clarify the meanings of the words.
Admittedly, sometimes things are more clear than other times and usage
questions remain.
--- end quote ---

He also said he'll think more about this closer to the {qep'a'}. I hope
that means we'll receive some more information about verb transitivity then.

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