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Klingon word: 'up
Part of speech: verb
Definition: be unsavory, be disgusting, be repugnant, be loathsome, be icky

  'up;  yIH rur 
  disgusting as a tribble  (KGT)

(KGT 132):  There is one more exceedingly common expression that falls into this animal category, not so much because of the inherent characteristics of the creature, but rather because of Klingons' normal reaction to it" 
(KGT 84):  ... the word {'eyHa'}, used to describe food that is edible but is not particularly tasty, means something like "undelicious", implying that someone caused it to cease being delicious. For food that has been prepared particularly poorly, it is not uncommon to hear {Soj raghmoHlu'pu'} ("The food has been decayed" or "Someone has caused the food to decay") or the more pointed {Soj DaraghmoHpu'} ("You have caused the food to decay"), even though the food has not literally decayed.  On the other hand, one may simply use the word {'up} (disgusting, repugnant):  {'up Soj} ("The food is disgusting"). 

(KGT 155):  Often, the word is used with no overt subject, as if an exclamation:  {natlh} ("It is objectionable," or "That is shameful"; literally, "It consumes").  Nonslang counterparts, none of which carries the impact of {natlh}, might be {quv Hutlh} (lack honor), {qab} (be bad), or {Do'Ha'} (be unfortunate).  The word {'up} (disgusting, repugnant) may also be used, most commonly in reference to food or drink.

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