[tlhIngan Hol] Can we interrupt words with dashes ?

Lieven L. Litaer levinius at gmx.de
Wed May 8 05:29:42 PDT 2019

Am 08.05.2019 um 14:21 schrieb mayqel qunen'oS:
> In English (and Greek if anyne wonders..) when we write a word and
> there's no more space in the page, we interrupt the word with a dash.
> Can we do the same in klingon ?

Sure, why not? You only need to pay attention to the syllables and not
let autocorrect work for you.

DaHjaj tlhIngan-
pu' vIleghtaH-
mo' jIQuchqu'.

This is also attested in canon, eg. KGT p. 69 qab-Daj, p. 148: jI-Quch,
p. 149 Degh-wI', but it's not clear if that was a suggestion made by
Okrand, as it also has mistakes: p. 107: jaghpu-'Daj

I doubt that Okrand had been involved in the formatting of the book, and
he has not written anything officially about cutting words - but after
all: why not?

Lieven L. Litaer
aka the "Klingon Teacher from Germany"

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